Inclement Weather Policy

1. WCPRD reserves the right to cancel any and all programs, games, practices, tournaments, special events and functions if weather conditions present a hazard to the general public.

The following events could cause events to be canceled or postponed:

a. Severe Thunderstorm Warning
b. Tornado Watch / Tornado Warning
c. Special Weather Statements
d. Winter Weather Advisory
e. Winter Weather Watch
f. Winter Storm Watch / Warning
g. Flood Warning

2. The lightning policy of the WCPRD is as follows:

a. If lightning is seen and thunder is heard within thirty (30) seconds of the lightning being seen, all outdoor events shall be postponed for a minimum of thirty (30)minutes. This means that park staff will politely and professionally notify all patrons and participants that they must leave the park facilities and after thirty (30) minutes, the situation will be reassessed. If lightning or severe weather is still persistent, the event or function may still be postponed or canceled.

b. Some regional parks are equipped with lightning detection devices. If the devices indicate that lightning is within thirty (30) miles of the given facility, all procedures as described in section 2.–a. will be followed.